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Welcome to the Bibliotherapy Education Project.

Welcome to the Bibliotherapy Education Project © website.

          At its most basic level, Bibliotherapy means helping through books. Bibliotherapy can be used by different types of helpers with many different ages and concerns. One useful distinction is the following~

  • Clinical Bibliotherapy is implemented by trained helping professionals dealing with significant emotional or behavioral problems

  • Developmental Bibliotherapy may be used by teachers, librarians or lay helpers to facilitate normal development and self-actualization with an essentially healthy population

This site has tools, resources and links to assist you in:

  • Evaluating materials for bibliotherapy work with children and adolescents.
  • Finding evaluated books for certain age groups and issues.
  • Learning more about the use of books in therapy.

How to use the website

          If you are looking for books that have already been evaluated, select one of the options under Find Evaluated Books in the navigation bar on the left.

          If you would like to learn how to evaluate books by using the Bibliotherapy Evaluation Tool , please register first through the First Time Evaluators link. The information provided in the simple registration process helps us to keep this a quality site (please see our Privacy Statement link below).

Quick Guide to Start Evaluating Books

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